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Portage Park represents community area 15.

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Bordering streets:
North: Montrose Avenue
East: Cicero Avenue
South: Roscoe Street
West: Narragansett Avenue

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TIP! If you have questions for your dentist, write them down and bring them to your appointment. Once your cleaning and exam begin, it is hard to get a word in edgewise, especially with picks, pokers and mirrors in your mouth! Speak up beforehand, and a dental hygienist can answer your questions before your mouth is too full — or too sore — to ask afterwards.

Portage Park Dentist: About Portage Park

Looking for a Chicago pediatric dentist isn’t always easy, as many offices close early or only accept patients by appointments. Thankfully this is not the case with several Portage Park pediatric dentists. Chicago residents can count on good service from a reliable group of dentists in the area. It is for reasons like this that families find the community- which is located on the northwest side of Chicago, to be a convenient area in which to live, work, and enjoy life.

If you’re looking for a Portage Park Dentist you came to the right place, however, there’s much more that Portage Park residents adore about this community. The distinct ethnic tradition, and patriotic feel of the area is definitely a “wow” factor. Portage Park houses the largest population of Polish Americans in the city of Chicago. It’s a middle class neighborhood comprised of “one of a kind” shops, cafes, and other unique places where everyone’s welcome- including pets, in some places. Individuals who enjoy a good game of golf will find Indian Boundary Golf Course to be a wonderful place to play a few rounds of the relaxing sport. There’s also the Partner Indoor Golf Center which has an interactive golf training center, that aids golfers of all levels. It’s indoors, and conveniently located near public transportation.

A ride on Chicago’s rail system can get residents from all over the city to the Portage Park neighborhood, Upon taking a bus ride down Irving Park Road into the community, one can see the apparent love which residents have for America. It’s common to see homes with flags hanging in the yards, as residents show the love they have for the country. The Polish American Association is also in the Portage Park community, as it is fitting, as the largest Polish neighborhood in the city.

There is plenty of entertainment in Portage Park, including a theatre which actually shows silent films. One of Chicago’s oldest theatres, the Portage Theatre is now the home of the Silent Film Society of Chicago. It is known to host silent film festivals, as well as the Chicago Polish Film Festival- where independent movie producers are able to show off their talents. This is all located in the Six Corners District of Portage Park, where shopping is also a common activity. Six Corners is comprised of many area businesses, from large retailers to small privately owned shops. Among the many retailers is Sears. In fact, their Portage Park location is their most popular in the city in regards to sales.

As always, there is much to see and do in Chicago- and Portage Park is no exception. Everything a person could possibly need is easily accessible in the community including a Portage Park dentist. Thankfully, the area is accessible to all modes of public transportation- and since Chicago is now “bike friendly,” cyclists will be happy to know there are bike lanes and paths to get to and from one’s destination as well. So whether it’s work, play, the doctor’s office or a Portage Park pediatric dentist, Chicago residents can get there with ease. It may be true that Chicago residents do not hold frequent conversations about this neighborhood- and it may not be one of the most popular areas, however Portage Park remains one of the most attractive, family friendly and safe areas in the city.

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