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Gage Park represents community area 63. Surrounding neighborhoods include: Brighton Park, West Englewood, Chicago Lawn, & Back-of-the-Yards.

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Bordering streets:
North: 49th Street
East: Oakley Avenue
South: 59th Street
West: Central Park Avenue

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Gage Park Dentist: About Gage Park

Gage Park, a community on the southwest side of Chicago, is known for its culture and diversity. It hosts a large portion of Chicago’s Spanish community, as well as other ethnic backgrounds. There’s also quite a bit of history tied to Gage Park, as it was once home to one of Illinois largest savings and loans institutions – Talman Home Federal Savings and Loan. Founded in 1922, the bank served the blue collar community for seventy years, at which time it merged with Lasalle Bank. Although Gage Park has always been a residential community and family oriented with tight knit neighbors, it managed to draw large commercial businesses into the area such as Central Steel and Wire, Royal Crown Bottling Company and World’s Finest Chocolate. Each of these factories made names for themselves and would later rank among the best in their respective markets. Gage Park has always been a blue collar community, proud of its unionized culture and middle class status.

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Gage Park is accessible by public transportation using the CTA, or Chicago Transit Authority. Buses and trains also go into the community. This is of great convenience for families looking to visit clinics, hospitals, or a Gage Park pediatric dentist. When you need to see a doctor or Gage Park dentist, Chicago residents can either check online or ask for a referral from friends or family. There are many clinics in the area, but finding a Chicago Pediatric dentist may be a bit harder. Fortunately, Gage Park residents and those who live in other communities can access the area by car, bus or train as mentioned above.

Gage Park has grown in the past few years, becoming more diverse than ever, yet still remaining a very humble, working class community. The community is close to Bridgeport, which is where Chicago’s famous mayoral family, “The Daleys” once called home. There are also plenty of restaurants with great food, entertainment venues, and other interesting places in Gage Park which make it the warm community it is today. Gage Park definitely remains a significant part of Chicago’s culture.

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