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North Park represents community area 13. Surrounding neighborhoods include: Budlong Woods, Peterson Park Grounds, Hollywood Park, Albany Park, & Ravenswood.

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Bordering streets:
North: Bryn Mawr Avenue
East: the Chicago River
South: Foster Avenue
West: Central Park Avenue

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Pediatric Dentist North Park Chicago: About North Park

North Park was not always a community of Chicago. Located on the northwest side of the city, North Park was once a part of Jefferson Township – a separate jurisdiction until the late 1800′s. Since being combined and considered a part of Chicago, the community has grown both in population and financially thanks to many private owned businesses which are attracted to this part of the city. Lining the streets are small cafes, boutiques and other “one of a kind” shops.

There is nothing more profitable than a good education in most situations, and it is apparent that the North Park community believes so as well. Besides downtown Chicago, few other communities have as many colleges and Universities as North Park. The secondary education schools available in the area are North Park University, North Park Theological Society, Northeastern Illinois University, and Telshe Yeshiva – a college of Jewish study that awards degrees equivalent to those earned at traditional colleges and universities. When considering the size of this community, this amount of secondary education is uncommon in a positive sort of way.

One of Chicago’s best kept secrets is the Tuberculosis Sanitarium which has lots of history that is seldom told. Perhaps it’s because it shut down in 1974 and is now home to the beautiful North Park Village Nature Center. Deer, birds, bees, and other wonders of nature are on hand for public view. It’s nothing like a zoo, for those who believe if they’ve seen one zoo they’ve seen them all. North Park Village Nature Center is worth a visit. Another place of interest, and there are many in this community, is the North Park Theatre Center. The Center provides young adults and teenagers a place to use their creative side, through wonderful, affordable productions. Many of their productions are true stories brought to life through dancing and acting.

North Park could easily be a “city within a city,” if there ever was such a thing as they cater to just about every need and interest within the community. If you’re raising a family it’s important to know that communities are resourceful in regards to health and other important services. Fortunately, there are Chicago pediatric dentists who have offices in North Park. In addition to North Park pediatric dentists, there are services for adults as well. Finding a clinic in this community is fairly easy and many are near public transportation. So for residents looking to see a doctor, or North Park dentist, both the Transit Authority and CTA will get them there if they’re not driving. Since parking can be a bit of a chore at time, it’s always good to know there are other options.

When considering a community to visit in Chicago, North Park is a place not to be missed. There are so many things to do, no matter what age a person may be. With beautiful homes, and a diverse community, everyone can feel comfortable and safe in this north side community.

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