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West Ridge represents community area 02 and resides in Ward 50.

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Bordering streets include:
North: Howard Street
East: Ridge Boulevard, Ravenswood Avenue, & Western Avenue
South: Peterson Avenue, Bryn Mawr Avenue
West: The North Shore Channel, Kedzie Avenue

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Pediatric Dentist Chicago West Ridge: About West Ridge

Chicago has long been known for its diverse neighborhoods, such as West Ridge located on the northside of the city. West ridge is nearly three miles from downtown Chicago, however a simple stroll through the neighborhood hardly shows it. West Ridge, a quiet bungalow community which isn’t too far from the city of Evanston, is unique in the sense of its very rich culture- several of them. Devon avenue to the west beholds many Indian American restaurants, serving up ethnic cuisine, which is hard to find elsewhere in the city. There is also a good mixture of Asian and Jewish establishments which provide the city with a taste of culture which is welcoming to anyone who wishes to explore. A visit to West Ridge would not only warrant a taste of many ethnic foods, as the community is also one of great history. One fascinating fact of this community is St. Henry’s cemetery. St. Henry Church has the only cemetery in Chicago which is on the grounds of a place of worship. It was founded in 1863 and still stands today, The church itself dates back to 1851, and has made the preservation list- which limits the ability to destroy certain buildings in the city. Another piece of history which encompasses the area is the Jewish synagogues. There are several in the community, which welcomes individuals from all parts of the city.

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West Ridge is accessible by train, bus, and of course by car. The city’s bike path which runs the length of Lake Shore drive never fails to bring cyclists into the community. It’s actually quite common for individuals to use bicycles as their mode of transportation on the northside of the city. It not only saves money, but it is also very healthy activity. In regards to health, residents who wish to see a Chicago pediatric dentist will be able to find one in West Ridge. When looking for a West Ridge dentist Chicago residents can either search online or ask their primary doctor for references. Regardless of where you’re located, it will not be a problem getting to a West Ridge Pediatric Dentist. Like most other neighborhoods, Chicago public transportation goes through this community seven days a week. If a dentist is not needed, there are clinics in the area for the sick- including Northshore Hospital which is East of the West Ridge Community. The community of West Ridge is symbolic of just how many ethnic groups call Chicago home. It also shows how individuals of different cultures can all live together peacefully, and respective of their different ways of life.

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