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Avondale represents community area 21. Neighborhoods include: Wacławowo, Avondale, Jackowo, & Belmont Gardens.

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Bordering streets:
North: Addison Street
East: Western Ave
South: Diversey Avenue
West: Pulaski Road

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Polish immigrants began to settle in Avondale, a community on the northwest side of Chicago, as early as 1894. Since then, the area has been largely Polish, with other diverse cultures as well. A middle class community, Avondale boasts many places of interest such as St. Hyacinth church which dates back to the late 1800′s; it was the first place of worship which the Polish immigrants founded upon settling in the area. In fact, it remains one of the oldest in the Chicago area to remain standing in its original form- which is one reason why it was given basilica status (prestigious rank) in 2003 by Pope John Paul II. How many other communities can say that? This alone makes Avondale unique in its own right.

Aside from historical places in Avondale, there are other venues which have made their mark as “must see” places in the city. The Factory Theatre is one of them; creative works produced by independent artists are showcased throughout the year, making it one of the family frequented places for entertainment. There’s also The Galaxie, which focuses on family- holding several workshops for children and adults who are interested in fine arts and performing. Though Avondale has a large population of Polish residents, it still manages to represent what Chicago has always stood for- diversity, and open arms to all cultures. The Irish American Heritage Center is located in the community of Avondale, celebrating all there is to be Irish; it has a pub, restaurant, library, museum, and even a theatre- among many other things to do.

For every family across the city, it is equally important to have schools, parks and health facilities within their neighborhood. Avondale has it all, and in many cases several to choose from. Some of the Avondale pediatric dentists are among the best, in regards to Chicago pediatric dentists. There are plenty of schools for parents to choose from in the area, along with clinics, hospitals, veterinarians and other necessary resources. It’s not always that communities have such resources within reach, without having to take long rides on public transportation, or drive a great distance for quality care. Fortunately, when looking for services such as an Avondale dentist Chicago residents who live in the area don’t have to travel too far. The community is accessible, even Metra has a drop off stop in Avondale. Great communities do not get their name on merit alone. Sure, it is important to have good law abiding residents- however, resourcefulness and accessibility are two very important factors which play a role in a community’s success.

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